Website Maintenance

Support, administration, upgrades and optimisation

Websites need to be maintained to remain functional. We can provide these services including technical support, server administration, software upgrades, performance optimisation and database maintenance

Even the most well designed and implemented website is unlikely to continue remain useful without ongoing maintenance. If for no other reason than world will change around it, making some of its design choices no longer optimal, a website will become less functional over time, unless it is continually adapted to fit current circumstances. In reality no website is perfectly designed, or at least the software it relies upon will have some bugs, and over time these hidden issues are likely to emerge. For these reasons websites need continuing support, administration, upgrades and optimisation to keep them functioning over the long term.

Growth is another potential agent of degeneration for many websites. A website designed with only a relatively small amount of content in mind, is likely to become extremely unwieldy if it grows well beyond the size it was designed for. Just because the information is there "somewhere" may not be a lot of use if users are not provided with the tools to easily located it. Also if a website is rapidly adding new content it is likely that at some point that content will out grow its initial implementation, resulting in degradation in performance or even complete failure. A dynamic, fast growing system is in particular need of certain types of maintenance, such as performance optimisation and database maintenance. 

Whether your website is facing an urgent issue due to lack of maintenance or you are looking for a plan to avoid such a crisis, Whitehawk Solutions can work with you to make sure your website is maintained at peak usability and performance. Contact us now to talk over your options.

Our Expertise

Experienced in a wide range of systems

  • Wordpress - free and open-source content management system
  • Django - free and open-source web framework
  • Wagtail - elegant, intuative open-source content management system
  • MySQL - open-source relational database management system
  • PostgreSQL - world's most advanced open source database
  • PHP - widely-used open source server scripting language
  • Python - powerful high-level, object-oriented programming language
  • Go - modern, compiled, statically typed, concurrent programming language
  • Nginx - open-source, high-performance web/reverse proxy server
  • ZeroMQ - high-performance asynchronous messaging system
  • GlusterFS - general purpose, open source, distributed file system
  • Linux - widely-used open source server operating system

What We Do

We provide a full range of web services

  • Basic wordpress websites
  • E-commerce websites
  • Large, complex websites
  • Performance optimisations
  • Website maintenance
  • Website security
  • Full-stack and backend development
  • Data backup services
  • Technical support
  • Emergency response
  • Web consultancy services

Whitehawk Solutions

A one stop shop for all your website needs

Whitehawk Solutions is digital studio based in Brighton, UK providing a full suite of web design, development and consultancy services, and aims to be a one stop shop for all your web needs. 

We have extensive experience in a wide range of open source web solutions and can provide a full range of web development, maintenance,  security, and consultancy services.

We have over 2 decades of experience in building and maintaining websites, and a wealth of skills and expertise in a wide variety of web  frameworks, content management systems and tools.